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Perfume Blends

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It seems like today everything is fragranced with chemicals! From dryer sheets, candles, cosmetics, and even foods.

Many of these fragrances are nasty chemicals that you would not even con hormone disrupters, stop you from breathing, and just make you feel ill.

This is why I have created a new line of essential oil based perfume sprays and rollerballs.

Real Soap with Real Ingredients & a Touch of Luxury


If it’s not good enough for me, it shouldn’t be good enough for you!

When using Rabbit’s Foot Farm soaps as shampoo bars we recommend that you allow two - six weeks for your hair to adjust and shed the chemical buildup. Your hair will likely go through changes during this time and then normalize. Some people need a vinegar rinse  ( ½ vinegar ½ water) or Gypsy Lotion and some people don’t.

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