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About Us

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Soap shapes
Artisan Soap
Owner, Jamie Hasenfus-Smith

Have you ever wondered about the chemicals in body care products? 

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      Growing up I came from a world where outward beauty was the desire of most. Endless skincare and haircare products were available. Most were chemically based and very expensive. Few of them actually worked.


       I knew from a young age that I wanted to be part of the solution to this. After high school, I went on to graduate from Capillo school of cosmetology now called Aveda. I learned a lot about hair and skin, loving every minute of it! In my 20's I worked in salons and continued to learn. I got to meet all kinds of people and have conversations with them about what they wanted for their skin and hair. I would recommend services or products to help them achieve what they were after.


      Then my hands stopped working properly! I felt kind of lost, like that was the end of helping people look good and feel good about how they looked. I wasn't sure what to do next.


      I took some time to be a stay-at-home mom to 2 wonderful boys. My oldest son had a lot of skin issues linked to food sensitivities. Through the process of figuring them all out, I discovered that I was very sensitive to milk, among other things in cleaning and skincare products. I ended up getting goats with no intention of making soap, I just wanted cheese.


       I became good friends with the lady who sold me the goats. She showed me how to make cheese. She had a soap business and kept urging me to make soap with her. Eventually, I did and it was a lightbulb moment for me. She showed me the path back to what I loved! She taught me to make all soaps different for different things. Most people just make soap. It's all the same soap,  just with a different scent. 


      I now formulate and produce many different soaps and shampoo bars. Each one has been tested by myself, then others for accuracy.


      My hair and skin are a lot softer and more manageable than when I used expensive salon products. I produce other wonderful products such as Gypsy Lotion, lip balms, salves, ointment, bath tea, tick spray, and more. I care about what goes on your skin and hair.


All products are free from 


  •  Detergents

  • Sulfates

  • Preservatives

  • Phthalate

  • Petroleum 

  • Soy 

  • Synthetics


      They are also eco-friendly and cruelty-free. What I put into the products or not is very important to me. 


  If it’s not good enough for me, it shouldn’t be good enough for you! 


Shop online or find us in select Maine locations.




~ Jamie  

Meet Our Goats

I started my farm with 3 goats, Willow, Lilly, & Lazuli. I now have 5 goats. 

My herd is clean tested and up to date on their shots. I treat them all as pets.

- Each one is loved and handled daily -

You'll notice that many of our products are named after some of these sweet animals. 

Willow the Goat


Willow is quite shy with new people but warms up quickly. She is an excellent mother with great milk and a fantastic udder

  • 25% Nubian

  • 25% Alpine

  • 50% Nigerian

Willow is black with white spots and is the herd boss.


Lazuli is dark brown with blue eyes. She loves people, and once ran to the end of the pen screaming at the vet to come back and play. She has good milk and a nice udder.

  • 25% Nubian

  • 25% Alpine

  • 50% Nigerian

She is quite large for a mini goat and the most active one.

Lazuli the Goat
Lilly the Goat


Lilly is Lazuli’s twin. She is medium brown with white patches and brown eyes. She is a good milker, has a nice udder, and responds well to routine.

  • 25% Nubian

  • 25% Alpine

  • 50% Nigerian

Lilly is very playful with a big personality.


Velma is Willow’s firstborn. She loves people and is sweet. She is very Alpine looking even though she is only

  • 12.5% Nubian

  • 12.5% Alpine

  • 75% Nigerian

Willow taught her to give me kisses when she was a baby.

Young Velma the Goat
Nina the Goat


Nina is the youngest goat and came from the same farm that my first 3 goats came from. Her mom didn’t want her so I bottle-fed her. She thinks I’m her mom. She loves people and is not always sure that she is a goat.  Nina also will give kisses.

  • 80% Nubian

  • 20% Alpine

She is my only full-size goat and gorgeous with white floppy ears and a few moon spots.

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