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Rabbit's Foot Farm Logo

 All products are free from 


  • Detergents

  • Preservatives

  • Phthalate

  • Petroleum 

  • Soy 

  • Synthetics


They are also eco-friendly, palm and cruelty-free. What I put into the products or not is very important to me. 

Rabbit’s Foot Farm makes many varieties of soap and shampoo bars from goat's milk and a few vegan soaps.

Each soap is labeled for shampoo, face, hands, or body. Many of the bars are multi-purpose.

We have also given information on skin and hair types. 

Although they are all labeled by skin and hair type I do recommend switching formulas. The first thing I learned in cosmetology school was to wash only your roots and not your ends. The second thing I learned was we should keep 3 shampoos in rotation at all times.

Each soap has a custom base formulated with a different blend of oils for different skin and hair types. Each soap also has a delightful essential combination. All of the soaps are palm-free, some are coconut-free and some are made with rendered animal fat. If you can’t find what you are looking for please let us know.


We make large bars, shapes (flowers, hearts, snowflakes, and more of most bars)

and camp bars which are great for a weekend getaway or to find the right formula for you.

Real Soap with Real Ingredients & a Touch of Luxury


If it’s not good enough for me, it shouldn’t be good enough for you!

When using Rabbit’s Foot Farm soaps as shampoo bars we recommend that you allow two - six weeks for your hair to adjust and shed the chemical buildup. Your hair will likely go through changes during this time and then normalize. Some people need a vinegar rinse  ( ½ vinegar ½ water) or Gypsy Lotion and some people don’t.

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